CEMAC: COSUMAF issues new market intermediary approvals

The Central African Financial Market Surveillance Commission (COSUMAF) reviewed market developments during the first six months of the year and decided to issue licenses to seven new market intermediaries whose activities cover all the countries of the Central African Economic and Monetary Community (CEMAC).

This is the company Horus Investment Capital SA approved as a brokerage firm; David Clay Azambou Dongmo, Patrick Fomethe Momo, Issongo La-Ngatsesse Kiba and Sondia Gwet marries Nkembe, all four approved as Financial Investment Advisers; the company Okalla Ahanda & Associés as Statutory Auditors with an issuing entity making a public offering and the company LCB BANK as Custodian of an approved collective investment scheme.

This first session of the year, held by videoconference on June 10, 2021, also enabled the COSUMAF college to review other topical issues. This is the case for bond issues by syndication of the State of Congo “EOCG net 6.25% 2021-2026”, and of the State of Gabon “EOG net 6% 2021-2026″ whose financial market regulator d Central Africa congratulated itself on the good progress.

The COSUMAF college also welcomed the public offer operations for the sale of shares of the public bank of Equatorial Guinea BANGE Bank to the investor community, as well as the employee shareholding operation ” TOTAL 2021 ”.


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