Conakry Terminal innovates with the launch of electronic payment

Conakry Terminal, a subsidiary of Bolloré Ports and operator of the Port Autonome de Conakry container terminal, has just launched new online payment solutions for its customers.

Thanks to dematerialized payment, the pillar of the “Green Terminal” label, Conakry terminal will limit its customers’ journeys and reduce CO2 emissions linked to the port operator’s bill processing and payment operations.

These electronic payment solutions will indeed facilitate the payment process and improve the processing time of customer files. They have been deployed within Conakry Terminal in partnership with various organizations including Intouch, Orange Money, MTN-MoMo and YUP Money.

The electronic payment option is offered via Bolloré Ports’ electronic platform “IES”, which has already been operational for more than two years. Its deployment allows Conakry Terminal customers to generate considerable time savings and process several files at the same time while securing transactions.

“This initiative is a real step forward. Thanks to electronic payment, I no longer need to travel to pay my bills. From our office, I complete this process with just a few clicks and in complete safety. I recommend this solution and invite my colleagues to use it, they will be able to see for themselves the many advantages offered by electronic payment. »Confides Mr. DIALLO Mamadou Saliou, freight forwarder.

“With the implementation of electronic payment, we offer our customers the benefit of our latest innovations in digitalization and to experiment with a new approach with the objective of facilitating the settlement of invoices, improving our services and streamlining the process. customers at Conakry Terminal. This action is part of the activities inspired by the Green Terminal Label launched by Bolloré Ports and which aims to reduce our carbon footprint. »Declared Mrs. Djénaba BARRY, Customer Service Manager at Conakry Terminal.

About Conakry Terminal

Conakry Terminal, a subsidiary of Bolloré Ports, has been the operator of the Port of Conakry container terminal since 2011. The company has invested more than 1.5 trillion Guinean Francs (145 million euros) to modernize the infrastructure and systems of information, renewing ship handling equipment and containers. ISO 9001: 2015 certified, Conakry Terminal also participates in the objectives of Bolloré Transport & Logistics in Guinea to contribute to the country’s economic development through its activities but also through the training of its employees. Conakry Terminal also conducts a societal policy for the benefit of the Guinean populations which results in the implementation of numerous solidarity actions each year.


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