Cameroon: PAD ignores court decisions and continues to operate container terminal to the detriment of Bolloré Group

The Autonomous Port of Douala (PAD) continues to manage the container terminal of the port of Douala regardless of court decisions which rather recognize the legitimacy of this activity in the AMPT-Bolloré consortium.

Despite these legal setbacks, of which it is the seventh in a row, the PAD “intends to exercise legal remedies against this decision and wishes to reassure public opinion that it has no consequences for the peaceful operation of the Terminal. containers and the pursuit of Régie activities, which is now a national source of pride, ”we say.

However, the decision rendered on June 3, 2021 by the Administrative Tribunal of the Littoral declared “the nullity of the deed of requisition of the equipment of Douala International Terminal (DIT) taken by the Director General of PAD in December 2019”. It follows on from the decisions already rendered by national, regional and international judicial and arbitration courts.

The AMPT-Bolloré companies recall that this new judicial sentence confirms “the illegality of the actions undertaken by the PAD within the framework of the end of the concession operated by DIT until the end of December 2019 relating to the Container Terminal of the Port of Douala”.

According to the Bolloré group, DIT had succeeded in tripling between 2005 and 2019 the volumes of the container terminal, and “to develop port know-how for the benefit of the national and sub-regional economic ecosystem, before being illegally excluded from it. ‘call for tenders’.

For the business community, in view of the economic stakes while the port of Douala concentrates more than 80% of the goods traffic of Cameroon and those of the hinterland countries, in particular Chad and the Central African Republic, it is up to the Cameroonian authorities to enforce the law, especially since the current situation has an impact on the competitiveness of the national economy.


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