Togo: towards the establishment of a digital bank

The government of Togo aims to set up a digital bank to offer digital financial services. This, within the framework of its financial inclusion strategy which aims, among other things, to strengthen the framework for state intervention in favor of financial inclusion and to improve the geographical coverage of financial services.

“Our ambition in Togo is to set up a digital bank. It’s not just to digitize financial services, but to set up a 100% digital banking structure to support our economy and allow us to cover our entire geographic territory because we have digital divides. despite the progress in terms of financial inclusion, ”explained Mazamesso Assih, Minister responsible for Financial Inclusion and the Organization of the Informal Sector, at the international webinar organized on January 14 and 15 by the government of Benin on social response facing Covid-19 in Africa.

First UEMOA country in the 2019 ranking in terms of access to financial services, Togo already claims an extended banking rate of 78.5%.


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