Gabon: BGFIBank’s assurances on the clarity of its accounting operations

The Banking Group has issued a statement in which it reassures its clients on the compliance of the accounting operations of the Gabonese subsidiary.

By Achille Mbog Pibasso

BGFIBank said Monday in a statement that Financial Afrk has obtained a copy, that the accounting operations of the entire Group in general and those of the Gabonese subsidiary in particular are consistent with the managerial orthodoxy in this area, rejecting block, information on the « mysterious disappearance » of 1.5 billion FCFA alleged by a customer.

A news that pushed the banking group out of its reserve, stating in particular that « following the publication of an article in the 25 March 2019 edition of the weekly Jeune Afrique and relayed on social networks, BGFIBank Gabon is anxious to reassure its customers, as well as the public, of its scrupulous respect for the accounting procedures and the rules governing the management of the accounts of its customers, « the statement said.

In any event, « committed to the respect of the principles of law, BGFIBank Gabon reiterates its total confidence in the Gabonese Justice (since) it is indeed before it and not in the media that must be emptied litigation ». In these circumstances, the banking group remains « serene as to the outcome of the ongoing legal proceedings, BGFIBank Gabon reserves the right to take any action to obtain compensation following the defamatory remarks made against him, » reports the communicated.

According to sources close to the case, we must go back to October 2018, when Alfred Bongo Ondimba, son of the former President of the Republic of Gabon Omar Bongo Ondimba filed a complaint against BGFIBank after the « disappearance » of 1.5 billion FCFA from the account of his notary office. It is therefore up to justice to say the law.


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