• The Mining Challenge by OCP is an innovative concept that highlights the dynamics of open innovation, a model that the Group calls on as part of its digital transformation.
  • This OCP initiative aims to strengthen the Group’s position as a key player in open innovation and support the development and promotion of the African and international entrepreneurial ecosystem.

OCP Group launches the « Mining challenge by OCP », an open innovation program contributing to the Group’s digital transformation.

Through this initiative, OCP Group seeks to identify local and african startups and those performed by the African diaspora, to co-develop with them innovative digital solutions in response to strategic and operational issues in the mining industry.

OCP Group plans to address four mining challenges with the startups :

  1. How to optimize extraction operations during phosphate’s extraction?
  2. How to maintain safe operations within the mine in cases of low visibility?
  3. How to boost dragline performance and steering in the mine?
  4. How to facilitate the maintenance diagnostics on mining equipment?

The program will be carried out in 3 phases :

  • A conference to launch the challenge is scheduled for April 4, 2019. This conference will bring together a board of experts who will share their opinions on the digitalization of the mining industry. This gathering will also be an opportunity to inform the entrepreneurial community about the program and opportunities for collaboration with OCP. This event will host many speakers and renowned personalities in African innovation as well as a large audience of startups.
  • A call for applications will be open from April, 4 to May, 10, 2019 to identify startups that best meet the innovation challenges identified by OCP Group. These startups are invited to apply at www.ocpminingchallenge.com

After comes the prototyping phase; the shortlisted startups will be accompanied for 3 months in implementing their solutions. During this period, the startups will benefit from the expertise of OCP professionals and the Benguerir experimental mine to test and prototype their solutions. At the end of this prototyping phase, startups that have successfully implemented an innovative and functional solution will deploy their solution within a pilot contract.

Through this initiative, OCP is establishing its position as a player in open innovation and supporting the development and promotion of the African and international entrepreneurial ecosystem. To this end, the Group is accompanied by Impact Lab, a Moroccan incubator and pioneer of open innovation in Morocco.


A world leader in the phosphate market, OCP Group is the world’s largest producer and exporter of phosphate in all its forms. It is committed to developing sustainable, intelligent and eco-responsible agriculture around the world. The Group provides farmers with adapted phosphate fertilizers, raises awareness and trains them on the reasoned use of fertilization, intended to enrich and protect their soils. OCP Group has a portfolio of more than 160 clients in 5 continents. To better serve its customers, OCP is expanding its presence around the world.

A committed and responsible player, OCP Group plays a critical and central role in the socio-economic development of the regions where its industrial operations are located.

For more information, please visit OCP Group’s corporate website: http://www.ocpgroup.ma/


Founded in Casablanca in 2014, Impact Lab is Morocco’s leader in accelerating start-ups and innovation. Impact Lab supports the development and implementation of innovative projects, for independent entrepreneurs, large companies and public institutions. Its incubator program provides start-ups with tailored operational support to accelerate their market launch and growth through privileged access to expertise, markets and financing. At the same time, Impact Lab assists large companies and public institutions in defining and implementing their innovation strategies with the aim of creating, long-term collaborative and value-creating innovation dynamics. Since the end of 2018, Impact Lab has placed itself as a regional innovator through its first pan-African programs.


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