Bolloré Transport & Logistics in Sierra Leone supports the children of the Don Bosco association

As part of its solidarity actions in favour of young people, Bolloré Transport & Logistics in Sierra Leone made financial, material and food donations on 29 January 2021 to the Don Bosco association, which works for the safety and development of vulnerable children.

The company is thus supporting the 180 children of the Don Bosco camp in During Town. These are children who have been abused and who are supervised by the Don Bosco Association with a view to their social reintegration.

This solidarity action aims to support the efforts of social actors in Sierra Leone to break the silence on issues affecting children. This donation comes at a time when the Don Bosco Association is particularly in need of it to continue its mission of protecting children.

According to Fabjanko Kokan, Managing Director of Bolloré Transport & Logistics in Sierra Leone, “We are making our partnership with the Don Bosco association official to ensure the protection and full development of children. The children need our protection and we will continue to support them”.


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