UMOA: States will be able to issue around USD 7 billion in stimulus bonds in 2021

States in the UMOA zone will be able to issue FCFA 3.768 billion (about USD 7 billion) in stimulus bonds on the market in 2021, according to an announcement made on Monday, February 15 by the UMOA-Titres agency.

Set up with the aim of allowing States to finance their massive economic recovery plans following the Covid-19 pandemic, these bonds are “eligible for refinancing with the BCEAO at the level of its traditional counters but also with a Special window known as the Relance window where investors can mobilize liquidity at the minimum bid rate at the BCEAO windows (currently 2%) for a period of 6 renewable months as long as the 2021 ODRs are alive ”, indicates a statement from the agency.

“The 2021 ODRs are Assimilable Treasury Bonds with maturities of 3 years, 5 years, 7 years, 10 years, 12 years or more, issued in 2021, by open auction with the assistance of UMOA-Titres. These securities are dematerialized, kept in current account in the books of the BCEAO and benefit from specific advantages for investors but also for sovereign issuers “, continues the same source.

The schedule for the first shows has not yet been made available.


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