Cameroon: Accompanying the Bank of Communes to Municipalities

The Bank of Commune paid FCFA 108.8 billion to the country’s decentralized territorial communities (CTD) in fiscal year 2018.

By Achille Mbog pibasso

The bank of the communes, called the Special and Inter-communal Equipment Fund (FEICOM), is increasingly marking its footprint for the development of decentralized territorial collectivities (CTD). This is reflected in the financial and material support that this public institution provides to the 374 municipalities and urban communities in the country. A contribution that is in line with the concerns of the public authorities, since decentralization is one of the priorities of the leaders who intend through this option to give more leeway to the communes.

This is reflected more and more by the number of powers transferred to municipalities, but also by the increase in the general decentralization allocation from CFAF 10 billion in 2018 to almost CFAF 50 billion. CFA. In addition, there are actions undertaken by FEICOM to improve the efficiency of municipal operations. For the year that ends, 108.8 billion FCAF were donated to the communes, an envelope that is up more than a billion CFA francs compared to forecasts that projected an envelope of 107.3 billion FCFA of recipes.

The Director General of FEICOM, Philippe Camille Akoa explained that « a very important part of these resources, amounting to 83.77 billion FCFA, was made available to municipalities and urban communities in the context of redistribution operations. municipal taxes subject to equalization « . Resources have enabled municipal magistrates to better implement their action plans, both for operations and for investment.

In this context, CFAF 57.28 billion helped finance 295 projects in 179 communes, particularly in the sectors of education, water and sanitation, electricity, health, trade, and infrastructure. Financial assistance has enabled municipalities to acquire modern infrastructures, but also to promote income-generating activities. Apart from these global actions, the FEICOM has put a sum of FCFA 4.7 billion to the mayors of the Far-North region of the country as part of a special accompaniment to curb the difficulties generated by attacks by the Boko Haram terrorist sect.

For this year, the Bank of Commons intends to go further, since it aims at the mobilization of 110 billion FCFA to support the development of Cameroonian communes.


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