Cameroon: 200 billion FCFA of public securities issues planned

Cameroon plans to issue 200 billion CFA francs of issues of government securities for the second quarter of the current year, according to the timetable published by the Ministry of Finance. This envelope provides an increase of 155 billion FCFA compared to the first quarter of 2019 when 45 billion CFA were enrolled in the program.

In detail, for this month of April, there are two issues of treasury bills assimilable (BTA) for a total amount of 20 billion FCFA. In May, there are two issues of equivalent Treasury Bonds (OTA) of 100 billion FCFA and a BTA of 10 billion FCFA, a total of 110 billion FCFA. In June, Cameroon will try to mobilize 70 billion FCFA from two BTA of 20 billion FCFA, and an OTA of 50 billion FCFA.

While the BTAs of 10 billion FCFA have a maturity of 13 weeks, OTA worth 50 billion CFA francs have a maturity of five years.

The 2019 Finance Law provides that Cameroon will raise a total of 260 billion FCFA. Funds earmarked for the financing of development projects listed in the Finance Act, part of which is oriented towards the construction of sports facilities as part of the African Cup of Nations (CAN), which the country will host. competition in 2021.


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