Nigeria Hosts Inaugural Conference of The Africa Road Builders – Trophée Babacar NDIAYE 2022


The General Commission has the honor to announce that the Inaugural Conference of The Africa Road Builders – Trophée Babacar NDIAYE 2022 will take place on March 31, 2022 in Abuja, Nigeria, under the theme: “Building roads, building economies”.

As every year, for 7 years, the Inaugural Conference takes place in the country that won the previous edition of the Babacar NDIAYE Trophy. As a reminder, in 2021, it is the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, HE Mr. Muhammadu BUHARI, who was named Winner of the Super Prize Great Builder – Trophée Babacar NDIAYE, for his personal leadership and for the efforts made in terms of roads and transport.

The objective of The Africa Road Builders – Trophée Babacar NDIAYE is to promote developed roads and transport for Africa. The event takes place every year through two major conferences with the same central theme. The Inaugural Conference is held at the end of March and the Final Conference takes place on the sidelines of the Annual Meetings of the African Development Bank (AfDB), in May. 

The 2022 Inaugural Conference will therefore be an opportunity to celebrate President BUHARI and Nigeria for their victory last year, but also, it will be an opportunity to encourage them to remain role models for the whole continent. The invited media and the Commissioner General will visit construction sites and achievements in Nigeria in the field of roads and transport.

The 2022 Inaugural Conference, like the previous ones, will also be the opportunity to designate the 2022 winner of the Babacar NDIAYE Trophy. The Selection Committee, which includes journalists from across the African continent, will meet beforehand in the Nigerian capital for this purpose.

While congratulating him again, the General Commission expresses its deep gratitude to President Muhammadu BUHARI. He also thanked the government and people of Nigeria for all the efforts undertaken for the success of the Inaugural Conference.

The General Commission thanks the AfDB and its President, Dr Akinwumi ADESINA, for the constant support for roads and transport throughout the continent, and for the Sponsorship granted to The Africa Road Builders – Trophée Babacar NDIAYE. Finally, the General Commissioner pays tribute to the memory of Dr Babacar NDIAYE, former President of the AfDB, who inspired this event.


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