Bolloré Logistics Tanzania successfully completes logistics for the Songo Songo project


From June to November 2021, Bolloré Logistics Tanzania carried out the logistics for the Songo Songo  project by transporting 5,000 freight tons of pieces and equipment. Relying on its expertise in industrial  projects and energy logistics, the company was able to accomplish a historic feat being the first to send  a large land craft on the Songo Songo island. 

A total of seven barge vessels were required to deliver the equipment to the island at different intervals.  Several specialised pieces of equipment were used including a 130-ton and a 60-ton crane, an  excavator, a modular hydraulic trailer and 2 semitrailers for shunting. Other difficulties involved the lack  of infrastructure. To this end, a jetty had to be rebuilt and converted into a landing area capable of 

accommodating the vessel and cargo arriving onto the island while backfilling works were undertaken  to ease the flow of vehicles being used for shunting on and off the vessel. 

A team of experts was mobilized and flown to the island deploying specific logistics solutions to face the  main challenges. The shifting tides notably affected the angle of the ramp used to offload the cargo,  thus binding the experts to keep close watch on the inclination of the ramp. 

« The main challenges were the coordination of the Customs requirements and the client’s demands,  along with a lack of the equipment, including barges and ships. But with our expertise in logistics and  industrial projects, we were able to deliver the required solutions with great success. All cargo was  lashed and safely secured according to global QHSE standards. » said Elson Shan, Cluster Commercial  Director.  

Bolloré Logistics Tanzania was contracted in 2021 to handle all logistical requirements for the project to  set up a gas compression plant on Songo Songo island, located in the South of Tanzania. It was  awarded to Bolloré Logistics’ teams by one of the largest suppliers in China of petroleum and  petrochemical products, equipment, and technology to the global market. 


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