Maroc: the pension fund increases its shares in the capital of BCP

The Moroccan Interprofessional Pension Fund (CIMR) increased its shares to 11.55% of the capital of the Banque Centrale Populaire (BCP), with 23,484,710 shares in total. The announcement was made on January 3, 2021 by the Moroccan Capital Market Authority (AMMC).

The CIMR, which thus crosses the only 10% in the capital of BCP, indicated that it had acquired on the block market, on December 28, 2021, 5,056,366 shares of the bank at a unit price of 277 dirhams. And that she plans to stop buying BCP in six months.

BCP carried out, between August and September 2021, an operation to increase the share capital by optional partial conversion into shares, up to a limit of 50% of the dividends relating to the financial year ended December 31, 2020. The total amount of l The transaction amounts to 278,205,871 dirhams, including 10,578,170 dirhams of share capital and 267,627,701 dirhams of issue premium. As a result, BCP’s share capital increased from 2,022,546,560 dirhams (223.9 million dollars) to 2,033,124,730 dirhams (225.074 million dollars).


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