Senegal: reaction to the “cabal” against the Director General of the DGID

In a press release sent to Financial Afrik, the friendly and all the staff of the Directorate of Taxes and Domains (DGID) protested and warned “the specialists of the plot and the conspiracy who attack their Director General and to their institution ”.
This press release comes in response to press articles accusing the Director General of Taxes and Domains, Bassirou Samba NIASSE, of leading a “bamboula” at a time when the General Directorate of Taxes and Domains (DGID) would face a deficit of 200 billion.

“These false and regrettable allegations, the sole purpose of which is to tarnish the image of the highest authority of the DGID and to discredit its staff, constitute a serious and dangerous attack that we, the social actors of the institution , do not wish to go unpunished ”, indicates the press release signed by 8 friendly.

Which friendly reaffirming the commitment of the Director General of Taxes in the YAATAL Program, in a “dynamic of increasing tax revenue, by instilling in all its staff the cult of results and the rules of deontology, ethics and orthodoxy? administrative ”.

As proof of this commitment, the statement continued, “the DGID now occupies the first line of the Table of State Financial Operations (TOFE) with the mobilization of 67% of budget revenues”.

The Unified Friends say they reserve the right to take legal action against the authors and sponsors of such defamatory statements.

Former Secretary General of the Ministry of Finance and Budget, Bassirou Samba NIASSE has been at the head of the Directorate General of Taxes and Domains since July 2019.


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