Guinée: Alpha Condé transferred to the residence of the former first lady

The ruling junta has decided to proceed overnight between Sunday 28 and Monday 29 November 2021, with the transfer of Alpha Condé from the imposing Palais des Nations, seat of power of the National Committee of the Rally for Development (CNRD) to the residence of his wife Hadja Djene Kaba in Landreah, in the commune of Dixinn on the outskirts of the capital.

In a statement read on Monday evening on national television, the CNRD and its president “reassure the national and international community of their desire to guarantee respect for individual and collective freedoms for all the people of Guinea in accordance with the principles universal human rights. Therefore, the CNRD will continue to provide the former head of state with treatment worthy of his rank, without any national or international pressure, “the junta said.

This gesture is seen as a sign of appeasement of the junta in ECOWAS. Note that Alpha Condé, who has not appeared in public since the coup d’état of September 5, 2021, remains however still under house arrest.


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