A new acquisition for the SUNU Group: Allianz Congo Assurances

Allianz Congo Assurances has been officially part of the SUNU Group since Friday, November 5, 2021, the date on which the acquisition-sale transaction was finalized between the SUNU groups and Allianz.

Allianz Congo Assurances will change its name to SUNU Assurances IARD Congo before the end of the first half of 2022.

With this acquisition, the SUNU Group is entering the Congo-Brazzaville market, with the objective of offering companies, populations and institutions, but also all internal and external customers, solid and lasting insurance.

The SUNU Group’s expansion strategy in Africa continues, following the creation of SUNU Assurances IARD RDC in 2020 and the strengthened presence in recent years of SUNU Assurances in Cameroon, Gabon and the Central African Republic.

At the same time, the Group bought the Allianz group’s stake in SUNU Assurances IARD Centrafrique, following a merger-absorption of ex-Allianz Centrafrique Assurances carried out in 2019, increasing its share in the capital from 49.3% to 93.4%.

The Group’s ambition is confirmed with the offer of financial products and services in the majority of West and Central African countries. To date, the SUNU Group is present in 16 countries with 30 companies including 25 insurance companies (9 Life and 16 P&C), 1 bank (SUNU Bank), 1 Microfinance company (Kajas), 1 health management company (SUNU Santé), 1 financial holding company (SUNU Investment) and 1 financial management company (Attica).


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