Senegal: Exports increase by 23 billion FCFA in June

Senegal’s exports of goods at the end of June 2021 increased by 23 billion FCFA (34.500 million euros) compared to their level in May 2021, according to data from the Directorate of Forecasting and Planning. economic studies (DPEE).

The DPEE notes in fact in its Point de conjoncture for the period under review that these exports rose from 197.4 billion FCFA to 220.4 billion FCFA between May and June 2021. << This increase is favored by the increase external sales of cement (+3.3 billion), food products (+1.9 billion) and zircon (+1.3 billion), ”explains the DPEE.

As for non-monetary gold exports, they posted a slight increase of 0.4 billion between May and June 2021.

Regarding food products, the increase noted is mainly attributable to fishery products (+1.8 billion).

Year-on-year, the DPEE reported that exports of goods strengthened by 40.9% or 64.0 billion), reflecting the increase in exports of raw gold (+20.7 billion), phosphoric acid (+ 7.5 billion), petroleum products (+6.4 billion), titanium (+3.9 billion), mineral and chemical fertilizers (+3.5 billion) and cement (+3.4 billion) .

In contrast, foreign sales of food products fell by 0.4 billion, under the effect of the contraction of exports of groundnut products (-4.4 billion), however, lessened by the increase in the value of sales of fishery products (+2.2 billion).

Regarding imports of goods, they rose from CFAF 349.2 billion in May 2021 to CFAF 453.3 billion a month later, an increase of 29.8% (+104.2 billion). According to the DPEE, this increase reflects the strengthening of the value of acquisitions of petroleum products (+37.6 billion), machinery, equipment and engines ”(+18.0 billion), vehicles, transport equipment and automotive spare parts. (+11.4 billion), pharmaceutical products (+7.4 billion) and food products (+6.2 billion).

The rise in imports of petroleum products is mainly driven by that of crude petroleum oils (+35.3 billion), inform the services of the DPEE. Regarding imports of food products, the increase is explained by the increase in foreign purchases of wheat and meslin (+6.3 billion) and rice (+2.0 billion).

Year-on-year, imports of goods increased by 37.0% (122.5 billion) due in particular to the increase in imports of vehicles, transport equipment and automotive spare parts (+24.8 billion), machinery , appliances and engines (+23.8 billion), petroleum products (+14.3 billion), pharmaceutical products (+13.7 billion) and food products (+3.6 billion).

Under imports of petroleum products, the DPEE notes that the increase is driven by supplies of refined petroleum products (+8.8 billion) and crude petroleum oils (+5.5 billion).

In total, during the month of June 2021, Senegal’s goods balance deficit, estimated at CFAF 178.5 billion, deteriorated by CFAF 68.7 billion compared to May 2021. This situation is the result of a rise in imports of goods much greater than that of exports, on a monthly basis.


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