Raxio Group announces the appointment of Master Power for the construction and installation of its data centers in Africa

The Raxio Group (“Raxio”), a leading pan-African data center developer and operator, today announced the appointment of Master Power Technologies (“Master Power”), a leading African company in data center solutions, specializing in supply and installation of pre-designed data centers, to build and install several data centers in Africa. Following an initial installation in Uganda, Raxio’s next series of data centers are being developed in Ethiopia, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Mozambique to provide world-class colocation services in the region. The infrastructure will help drive the region’s growth by supporting data consumption and growing digital needs while reducing the costs associated with digital access for all.

The appointment of Master Power is the result of a highly competitive bidding and evaluation process led by Raxio’s technical team and overseen by Future-tech, Raxio’s principal design consultant. Master Power’s scope of action at Raxio’s multiple sites will cover the location of the project, the supply, installation and commissioning of all technical elements. Raxio’s unique and highly innovative design, based on metropolitan edge principles, is highly scalable and will deliver the lowest energy efficiency ratio (PUE) on the continent through choosing the best high-efficiency power and cooling technologies energetic.

Raxio’s new data centers will continue to expand access to state-of-the-art colocation facilities, driving digital transformation in new markets on the continent, and providing an environment designed to meet people’s demands for increased connectivity. The facilities will also be a catalyst for economic growth and job creation, while minimizing environmental impact through an energy efficient design that does not compromise the reliability of the entire system.

Raxio’s facilities are designed to meet the needs of a wide range of customers by providing power densities of up to 21 kW per rack, while providing the cooling necessary for optimal operation of customer equipment.

All installations are designed and developed in accordance with the Uptime Institute Level III standard, point-of-failure, allowing simultaneous maintainability. In addition to providing power and cooling redundancy, data centers will also allow connectivity redundancy through various fiber outlets and meeting rooms. Everything will be placed in a highly secure environment.

Founded in 1999, Master Power has built a solid reputation for itself through continuous innovation in the data center sector on the African continent. This allows its clients to focus on their core competencies and to outsource the data space. Since its creation, the company has developed cutting-edge activities around the commissioning, installation and after-sales service of a complete range of turnkey solutions in the field of emergency power and data. centers. Master Power is a proud African company, determined to contribute to the development of the continent. She has clearly demonstrated a deep understanding of the data center industry in Sub-Saharan Africa.

According to Robert Mullins, CEO of Raxio Group: “Working with Master Power allows us to accelerate our expansion through a simplified and optimized design-to-commission process across multiple sites. Master Power’s long experience in successful installations on the African continent, a highly qualified team, as well as its ability to tailor its solutions to meet the requirements of our unique design were key criteria during our selection process. . By leveraging our own resources and technical partners, we are confident that we have a winning combination to deliver these facilities that will revolutionize paradigms in the region. Additionally, our shared vision to enable digital transformation across Africa, fostering economic growth and opportunities for the entire population, makes Master Power the ideal choice for us. ”

According to Menno Parsons, CEO of Master Power: “Digital infrastructure is badly needed in Africa as connectivity becomes accessible to a larger part of the population. Collaborating with Raxio on the construction of its next series of data centers is essential to meet the growing demand for colocation services in the region. And we are delighted to be able to support the deployment of these unique next-generation facilities. With our experience in the region and Raxio’s commitment to contribute to the development of African digital communities, we will be able to increase the infrastructure available in key regions. “


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