Oikocredit International grants a line of credit to Fidelis Finance Burkina Faso

In Abidjan, a signing ceremony held on August 14, 2021 enshrined the approval of a € 6 million line from the development institution, Oikocredit International, in favor of the banking financial institution Fidelis Finance Burkina Faso. During the said ceremony, Abdoulaye Sory, Managing Director of Fidelis Finance, expressed his gratitude to his partner Oikocredit International for the trust. He also expressed “his clear desire to continue to contribute to the development of the economic fabric in the UEMOA * space, through financing well suited to businesses.”

Oikocredit representative, Cedrick Montetcho said: “We have been a partner of Fidelis Finance since April 11, 2019, through the facility granted to its branch in Côte d’Ivoire. The institution headed by Mr. SORY Abdoulaye, Director General, has shown resilience, during the COVID, by respecting its financial commitments, without requesting wavers or moratoriums “. Recall that on April 1, 2020, the Central Bank of West African States (BCEAO) urged credit institutions to grant moratoriums or postponement of maturities on loans, to companies and employee applicants and who are affected by the consequences of Covid-19. This postponement is granted without interest charge, fees or penalties for late payment. It is framed by Notice N ° 0005-04-2020 dated April 1, 2020 and Notice N ° 011-10-2020 of October 14.

In addition, the World Bank, through its subsidiary, Société Financière International (SFI), has set up the Africa Leasing Facility, to promote Credit Lease in Africa. Continuing his remarks, Cedrick Montetcho specifies that: “Fidelis Finance Burkina Faso, with its 25 years of experience, its diversified institutional shareholding (BOAD, FSA, Burkinabé Fund FBDES, BIDC, SUNU ASSURANCE), will participate even more in the equipping health facilities during COVI-19, mechanization of agricultural cooperatives and industrialization of SMEs and raw material processing units in the WAEMU community space * ”.


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