Attijariwafa bank Europe is mobilizing to support the return of MRE by facilitating money transfers: funds available in Morocco in just 2 hours!

Anxious to offer the best quality of service to its customers, Attijariwafa bank Europe has improved its money transfer services with faster availability of funds while ensuring a reinforced level of security, in order to facilitate the return of MRE. in Morocco and thus allow them to enjoy their summer holidays serenely.

Attijariwafa bank Europe customers now benefit from funds within 2 hours for their money transfers to Morocco (1).

Attijariwafa bank Europe offers many money transfer solutions (2) to quickly send money to Morocco: by transfer, online, direct debit, cash, bank card and check.

Always with the objective of best meeting the needs of its customers, Attijariwafa bank Europe tends, in the medium term, to develop its transfer channels for optimal use with real-time receipt of funds.

Attijariwafa bank Europe is thus continuing its constant mobilization with its customers by committing to best meet their needs and by doing everything possible to facilitate their daily lives.

  • Funds available within 2 hours to Morocco via the Trans’compte transfer solutions in an agency and online, Trans’species and Trans’carte. Time from receipt of the transfer order by Attijariwafa bank Europe. For transfers made from Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., excluding public holidays in France and Morocco.
  • Products available from France and Belgium: Trans’compte in branch and online, Trans’especies, Trans’carte, Trans’vir, Trans’cheque and Trans’prélèv.
  • Products available from Italy: Transcompte in branch and online, Trans’especies, Trans’vir and Trans’prélèv. Products available from Germany and Spain: Trans’compte, Trans’especies, Trans’vir and Trans’prélèv.


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