Cote d’Ivoire: Federation of SMEs denounces “actions” by the supervisory ministry against it

The Ivorian Federation of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (Fipme) did not go all the way, she said, to denounce “the actions and actions of the ministry in charge of SMEs” aimed at “excluding” it from national bodies.

Facing the press on August 4, 2021, the organization’s officials indicated that the state press release relating to the activities of the celebration of the Independence Day of Côte d’Ivoire “does not mention the Fipme in the list of structures and organizations invited ”. “This is the place to underline the actions of the Ministry of SMEs against the Fipme, whose vocation is to carry out fair and transparent actions towards SMEs so that the latter really benefit from the support of the State in the face of the crisis. ‘impact of Covid-19 and also of the Phoenix Program which remains to this day an unfinished dream for SMEs, ”they said.

In addition, Fipme leaders say they deplore “the actions and actions of the ministry in charge of SMEs aimed not only at dividing the large family of SMEs and the private sector, but also at excluding their employers’ organization of SMEs from national authorities”. And to add that “the large family of SMEs” cannot accept “this forfeiture” towards their regrouping.

Created in 1995, Fipme is an employers’ organization of SMEs which brings together more than 35 associations and federations with more than 30,000 SMEs, TPE and TPI.


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