Scholarship: Dr Edoh Kossi AMENOUNVE at the top of world finance

In July 2021, Dr Edoh Kossi AMENOUNVE, Managing Director of the Regional Stock Exchange (BRVM), became a member of the Nasdaq Exchange Review Councils for a three-year term until 2024.

The Exchange Review Council is a standing independent advisory committee responsible for ensuring the consistent and fair application of market rules related to the discipline of members and member organizations for each of the Nasdaq exchanges.

The Managing Director of BRVM and DC / BR has thus risen to the top of Global Finance by joining one of the Nasdaq Specialized Stock Exchange Committees (Nasdaq USA, Nasdaq Nordic and Nasdaq Baltic in Europe, Nasdaq Dubai). The Nasdaq is the number one technology exchange and the second largest in the world.

This co-option is the crowning of more than 25 years of stock market career for Dr Edoh Kossi AMENOUNVE, holder of a Doctorate in Finance (September 1995) then successively Managing Director of a Stock Exchange Company (SGI), Chairman of the Asset Company. Management (SGO), Secretary General of CREPMF (Regulatory Authority), Managing Director of Stock Exchange and Central Custodian (BRVM and DC / BR), President of the ECOWAS Stock Exchange Integration Council (WACMIC) and President of ECOWAS African Stock Exchange Association (ASEA).

Dr Edoh Kossi AMENOUNVE is the only African member of the said Committee and probably historically the 1st African to join a body of the Nasdaq at this level since its creation in 1971.

As a reminder, Nasdaq, or National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations, was founded by a group of local brokers in 1971.

It is one of the largest equity markets in the United States, by volume traded. It ranks more than 5,000 companies that are considered to have strong potential for economic growth. They are part of the fields of high technology, the Internet, telecommunications, industry and even biopharmaceuticals and biotechnologies.

The establishment owes its fame and influence to its strong innovation. It was quite simply the first electronic stock market to open in the world. It is now managed entirely by a network of computers. A real feat at the time which gave it some major advantages over other world stock exchanges. It is today the largest electronic stock market in the world, where more than 900 transactions can be carried out per second. As for the market capitalization of the Nasdaq, it reached 10 trillion dollars in March 2018, propelling it to the second place of the most important exchanges.

The top six NASDAQ market caps are contested by Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook, Alphabet and Intel. Other companies like Tesla and Netflix are also prominent on the Nasdaq. This is the ultimate proof of the stature of this stock exchange, which proudly sits in Times Square.

In short, in this ranking, the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) occupies the first place with a capitalization of more than 25,530 billion dollars. The Nasdaq, also of the United States, is in second place with a capitalization of $ 11,230 billion. Next come the Japan Exchange Group with a capitalization of 5,100 billion dollars, followed by the Shanghai Stock Exchange in China with 4,670 billion dollars. Hong Kong Exchanges is in fifth position with a capitalization of $ 4,230 billion.


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