Botswana Life launches its new subsidiary “Botswana Life Fiduciary Services”

The insurer Botswana is Botswana Life Insurance Limited (Botswana Life) announced on Tuesday July 6 that it had launched its new subsidiary called “Botswana Life Fiduciary Services”. This part of its business is focused solely on providing estate planning services to its clients.

Estate planning is an umbrella term that includes the development and management of wills and trusts. Botswana Life Fiduciary Services therefore intends to help clients ensure proper management of assets and care of dependents in the event that this is not possible. This is a real innovation in the booming Botswana insurance industry.

“Botswana Life Fiduciary Services is a step in the right direction in ensuring that all people in Botswana have access to comprehensive long-term financial solutions that include providing wills, administration of estates and trusts,” said the CEO of Botswana Life, Ronald Samuels.

The Botswana insurance industry is very dynamic. It offers internationally marketed insurance services such as reinsurance and captive insurance focused on the African market.


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