Mali: Alhassane Salif Sissoko, a banker as Chairman of the Board of Directors of SGI Global Capital

The Regional Council for Public Savings and Financial Markets (Crepmf) has approved Global Capital as a management and intermediation company (SGI) operational in the regional financial market of UMOA. The second of its kind based in Mali, the financial institution with a capital of one billion CFA francs (about 1.8 million USD) is chaired by Alhassane Salif Sissoko, former boss of UBA Mali and Ecobank Burundi.

This is a structure that was born from the initiative of Alhassane Sissoko, Chairman of the Board of Directors. This seasoned banker with recognized expertise in the Corporate Banking and Investment Banking businesses was motivated, according to him, by 3 major observations.

It is first of all the “strong potential of the Malian market in terms of savings unfortunately very little mobilized, due to the lack of dynamism of the sector, the weakness of financial or stock market culture and the lack of attractive financial products. », Confides Alhassane Sissoko in an interview he gave us in his office based in Bamako. Then, “the existence of a single SGI in Mali, yet the third largest economy in the UEMOA zone”, which, according to him, constitutes a brake on the revitalization of its economy; and finally, the promoter’s willingness to continue contributing to the socio-economic development of Mali and the sub-region, after resigning from UBA Mali, which he says he “left in good hands”.

A doctoral researcher in the EDBA program at Paris Dauphine, Mr. Sissoko holds a Masters in Finance from Paris School of Business, a Masters in Business Management from the University of Tunisia and skills in taxation, advanced accounting and management. During the last decade, he was respectively Managing Director of Ecobank Burundi, Managing Director of UBA in Mali, Vice-President of the Board of Directors of Socabu (leader of the insurance sector in Burundi), Director and Chairman of the Management Board of Engen SA, a South African oil company leading the Burundian market.

Current chairman of the board of directors of Sama Money Burundi and promoter of several companies in various fields of activity, the boss of the new Malian SGI is therefore aware of the issues of entrepreneurs and aims to make Global Capital an SGI reference in his country; a business bank with recognized expertise and a capacity for intervention throughout the UEMOA region. The structure therefore intends to position itself as the essential partner and privileged adviser to regional but also international investors looking for safe and high returns. The realization of this objective, according to the promoter, will be carried out through a team of bankers and experienced financiers, with a strong network of investors and prescribers.

“SGI Global Capital SA aims to be the intermediary between economic agents with savings capacity and those with financing needs, with the objectives of increasing the wealth of shareholders, individual and institutional investors, issuers and other stakeholders, ”says Alhassane Sissoko. For him, this will specifically be “trading transactions in transferable securities and the like listed on the Regional Stock Exchange (BRVM); intermediation operations by commission, brokerage or otherwise in terms of placement, underwriting of all securities listed on the market of the regional stock exchange “.

On the other hand, the entity will be present in the niche of custody and administrative management of securities accounts held on behalf of third parties but also financial engineering activities and all other activities within the scope of its authorization. Global Capital will also be active in supporting and preparing Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises / Small and Medium-Sized Industries as part of their introduction into the appropriate compartments of the BRVM, as well as the structuring of bond issue and placement files. .

As a reminder, Global Capital is a public limited company with a board of directors with a capital of CFAF 1 billion, approved on June 25, 2021 by the Regional Council for Public Savings and Financial Markets (CREPMF) which is the regulatory authority. of the regional financial market.


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