Mauritania: JESA signs a technical contract with SNIM for the modernization of the Guelb1 factory in Zoueratt

The National Company of Industrial and Mineral Engineering of Mauritania provides JESA with technical assistance for monitoring the rehabilitation and modernization works of the Guelb 1 factory in Zouerate. This project will put a stone in the edifice that JESA and SNIM will build for a radiant industrial future for the region.

June 22, 2021 – Casablanca, JESA today announced the signing of the technical assistance mission to monitor the rehabilitation and modernization works of the Guelb 1 factory, on behalf of SNIM.

As part of this two-year contract from the placement of the lots with the beneficiaries, JESA will carry out the following project management and assistance missions: SNIM’s assistance in the evaluation of offers, SNIM’s assistance in the approval of the execution studies, as well as the follow-up of the assembly and commissioning works of the project.

SNIM’s mining activity began in 1961, when the company developed naturally rich deposits in the Tiris Zemmour region. In addition to these rich ore deposits, the region contains significant reserves of magnetite in the Guelb Rhien zone (low iron content of 34 to 37%). In order to develop these enormous reserves, SNIM commissioned in 1984 a dry enrichment plant (Usine Guelb 1) with a capacity of 5 million tonnes per year. In 2015, a second semi-wet enrichment plant (Usine Guelb 2), with a capacity of 4 million tonnes per year, was commissioned on the same site. The Guelb 2 plant process is based on HPGR technology instead of the Aerofall Grinders at the Guelb 1 plant. After more than 30 years of operation, SNIM has identified the need to rehabilitate and modernize the Guelb 1 plant. .


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