DRC: more than 4 billion USD in surplus for the trade balance at the end of May 2021

The trade balance of the Democratic Republic of the Congo was in surplus of around 4.661 billion USD at the end of May 2021. This, following exports of nearly 8.430 billion USD and imports valued at more than 4.423 billion USD, according to the report. data from the Central Bank (BCC).

Analyzes by the issuing body also note that during the same period in 2020, the DRC’s trade balance was in surplus of around 1.794 billion USD resulting from exports valued at 4.815 billion USD against imports of 3.20 billion USD. USD.

At the end of April 2021, the country’s exports were valued at some 6.550 billion USD against 3.576 billion USD in imports, generating a surplus trade balance of around 2.973 billion USD.

At the same time in 2020, the DRC’s exports were in the order of 3.827 billion USD against imports of nearly 2.353 billion USD, or a trade surplus of some 1.473 billion USD. As a result, the DRC’s trade balance shows a positive variation.


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