Gabon: Orabank and Sanlam Pan Assurances seal their union to develop bancassurance

Orabank Gabon and Sanlam Pan Assurances signed an agreement on Wednesday June 16 in Libreville to pool their complementarity and provide complementary hybrid financial products to Gabonese. The main purpose of the agreement is to determine the terms and conditions for the design and development of current and future insurance contracts.

“This agreement, we are certain, will make it possible to fill the gap that may exist in the offer made to our customers in terms of banking, as well as in banking and insurance. It is therefore with great pleasure and great joy that we materialized this framework agreement which will allow our institutions to better deploy ourselves on the national territory “, declared Christ-Didier Mengome, Deputy Director General of Orabank Gabon.

For his part, Roger-Marc Pouget, Managing Director of Sanlam Pan Assurances said banking and insurance are two different worlds, but they are very close. It suffices, he emphasizes, to make the right combination for both sectors to benefit.

For several years, the main banking and insurance groups present in Africa have set themselves the objective of developing “bancassurance”. But they come up against a major obstacle, namely the low rate of banking of households and small businesses.


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