The regional investment agencies Agadir: a rich meeting in favor of operators in the region

After Fez and Rabat, the Banque Populaire is continuing its roadshow “The Regionals of Investment”, with a rich meeting organized in Agadir. This was marked by the signing of 3 partnership agreements aimed at encouraging entrepreneurial initiatives in the Region and support for the productive sectors.

In his introductory remarks, President Mohamed Karim Mounir emphasized the potentialities and development projects that abound in the region. He also expressed his confidence in the economic dynamics instilled in the different regions of Morocco: “With what we experience every day on the ground, we are very optimistic about an imminent economic recovery”.

Several partnerships to support the entrepreneurial spirit and the industrial ecosystem

The meeting was marked by the signing of 3 agreements aimed at encouraging and supporting project leaders at the regional level.

BCP has thus concluded two agreements with the National Federation of Industries for the Transformation and Valorization of Fishery Products (FENIP). The first aims to fund and support all of the activities represented by FENIP (canned and semi-canned fish, freezing, manufacture of fish meal and oil, aquaculture and treatment of seaweed). It will support nearly 300 member operators in their export activities, whether in terms of funding or access to international markets. The second agreement is aimed at employees of these industrial units through an offer scheme at advantageous conditions in terms of support and pricing covering all the needs of their employees.


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