Senegal wants to reproduce the performance of the 2020/2021 agricultural campaign

After President Macky Sall’s announcement of an investment of 60 billion CFA francs ($ 110 million) in the 2021/2022 agricultural campaign, the Senegalese Minister of Agriculture and Rural Equipment, Pr Moussa Baldé, announced Thursday, April 29 in Dakar, the country’s ambition to achieve a production of 4 million tonnes of cereals and 2 million tonnes of industrial crops.

At a press conference in Dakar, the minister indicated that Senegal achieved a production of 3,640,445 tonnes of cereals this year. “Our goal is to reach 4 million tonnes. Regarding industrial crops (cotton, peanuts, sesame), we are at around 1.9 million tonnes. We want to increase this to 2 million tonnes, ”added Moussa Baldé.

According to the data of the ministry, the country produced, for the current agricultural season (2020-2021) in percentage compared to the average of the last five seasons, 1,349,723 tons of rice (+ 30%), 1,144,755 tons millet (+44), 377,323 tonnes of sorghum (+ 64%). To this must be added 6,761 tonnes of fonio (+ 70%), 761,883 tonnes of corn (47%), for a total cereal production of 3,640,445 tonnes (+ 47%)

For the peanut marketing campaign, 721,386 tons were collected for a value of 216 billion FCFA (about 340 million dollars). Exports reached 518,763 tonnes of products at a cost of 155 billion CFA francs (286 million dollars).

“For this year, the President of the Republic has agreed, despite the difficulties linked to Covid-19, with a reduction of almost 90% of the expected growth, to give 60 billion CFA Francs to the agricultural sector and the ‘rural equipment’, recalled Minister Moussa Baldé.


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