DRC: Prime Minister invited to “prioritize the economy”

The Federation of Congo Enterprises (FEC) asks Prime Minister Sama Lukonde, who spoke with his delegation on February 26, 2021 in Kinshasa, to consider “the economy as the top priority”.

“We asked the Prime Minister to make the development of the economy his priority because the missions assigned to him by the Head of State, in particular peace, security, education and grassroots development require that we have a strong economy. We also discussed with him the priority subjects including the reform of taxation, financial management and improvement of the business climate which involves reform of the justice system and the legislative framework because there are texts of laws that contradict each other. FEC President Albert Yuma Mulimbi, who led the delegation, told the press.

He said he reminded the prime minister to speed up the mining, agriculture and agribusiness sectors and boost national entrepreneurship on the grounds that “all this requires strong and ambitious texts.”

“Regarding the formation of the government of the Sacred Union, (for which) he does not have enough time, we told him to choose men and women who know something about their sector, professionals and not people who come to learn in the ministries, this will allow him to succeed ”, explained Albert Yuma.


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