[Publication] “The bank explained to all – Focus on Africa” ​​by Mamadou Sène

Banker Mamadou Sène announces the publication of his book “The Bank Explained to All – Focus on Africa” ​​on March 4, 2021. The preface is written by Mohamed EL Kettani, Chairman and CEO of Attijariwafa bank. The book is edited by RB Edition of the Revue Banque group.

Written in the form of questions and answers, this book answers the questions that everyone might have about banking. The two hundred and a few questions which constitute its framework are of all kinds and relate to its definition, its history, its different forms, its functioning and its operations. The topics covered also deal with the risks that the bank carries and its supervision by national and international supervisory authorities. They also address its relationships, both commercial and legal, with its customers.

In short, “The Bank explained to all – Focus on Africa” ​​answers questions of a financial, legal, commercial and operational nature that make the bank and the banker. The book is aimed at everyone: customers, bank employees and students, especially those in economics, money, banking and finance, who will find there the additional contribution to the training they receive in their universities, schools and institutes. In short, Mamadou Sène’s book is aimed at anyone who wants to know more about banking.

Mamadou Sène graduated from HEC Paris in 1980. Member of the board of directors of CBAO Groupe Attijariwafa bank, this senior executive served between 1994 and 2015 as Managing Director of the Société Financière d’Équipement in Senegal, of Bank of Africa-Niger, Bank of Africa-Mali and Orabank Guinea. Before his professional banking career, he held the position of Deputy General Manager of Chemical Industries of Senegal. He is a former student of the Prytané Militaire of Saint-Louis in Senegal.


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