Senegal: the United States supports the economic recovery plan

The United States, through its international development agency (USAID), has decided to support Senegal’s post-COVID-19 economic recovery plan.

The Adjusted and Accelerated Priority Action Plan (PAP 2A) will receive financial support estimated at $ 600 million over a 5-year period.

This new agreement was signed this Thursday, February 18 in Dakar, by the Senegalese Minister of Economy, Planning and Cooperation, Amadou HOTT, and Peter TRENCHARD, Director of USAID Senegal.

This initiative mainly aims to support PAP2A, which aims to put Senegal back on its initial trajectory of strong growth before COVID-19.

The state treasurer gave USAID special mention for having resorted to direct funding (G2G funding), as part of the execution of this cooperative program.

Using this mechanism as an additional modality, he emphasizes, will solve 3 major problems.

It is about aligning USAID assistance with national priorities, reducing transaction costs and sustaining results.

The United States’ Ambassador to Senegal, Mr. Tulinabo Mushingi, in a statement reiterated his country’s commitment to further support Senegal in its priority projects.

As a reminder, USAID has been one of the main donors to the country of Téranga over the past six decades.

The institution has invested in several development projects to improve the living conditions of the Senegalese population.


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