MEDI1TV records its strongest digital growth in 2020

MEDI1TV, a Moroccan continuous information bouquet, reveals its key digital and social media figures. After recording strong digital performance in 2019, 2020 turned out to be even more exceptional at all levels. MEDI1TV’s digital audience on social networks grew by 25% with increased user engagement, particularly in terms of news video consumption, exceeding the 2 billion video viewed mark.

MEDI1TV in phase with the strong growth of social networks in 2020

MEDI1TV’s digital performance is part of a context of strong digital growth, in the uses of the internet, mobile phones and social networks in Morocco and elsewhere. In fact, according to the latest Digital 2021 Report, 2020 was a record year on social networks with 4.2 billion registered users worldwide, or 53% of the world population.

Up sharply with half a billion new users on social networks around the world, user growth in Morocco has also increased significantly this year. Thus, 59% of the Moroccan population connects to one or more social media platforms, a figure which is above the world average and which represents a jump of 10 points compared to the year 2019 with its rate of 49% penetration.

These data testify to the importance of a strong presence on social media and confirm the positioning of MEDI1TV, which has been developing its social platforms for several years to remain ever more connected to its digital audiences.

Over 2.2 billion videos viewed, a third of which are in 2020

In 2020, MEDI1TV records the most significant development on social networks, both in terms of the volume of videos viewed, subscribers and interactions. With 13 million subscribers, the digital audience across all social media platforms has jumped 25% year-on-year.

In addition, a new step was taken this year by accumulating more than 2.2 billion videos viewed, including 750 million in 2020 alone, or one third of the total recorded to date. This performance is in line with user consumption trends. Thus, among the most consumed multimedia content in 2020 in the world, video is far ahead in first position according to the Digital 2021 report: 90% of users aged between 16 and 64 watch videos while they are 73% listening to music, 47% listening to online radio stations and 44% following podcasts.

Record numbers on Facebook and strong growth on Instagram

Facebook and Instagram are the two platforms that recorded the strongest growth in 2020. On Facebook, the number of videos viewed has doubled in one year while interactions have almost tripled between 2019 and 2020; in addition, the number of people affected has reached a record 700 million users. MEDI1TV’s audience on Facebook also saw a significant peak: out of 7.5 million subscribers, nearly one million were registered during the year 2020.

Growth also intensified on Instagram, one of the favorite platforms for young people. The figures were green as the number of subscribers saw a clear increase of over 160%, growth almost three times greater than that of the year 2019.

An increased interest of Moroccan users for the consumption of “news”

According to Social Bakers, which measures the influence of brands on social networks, MEDI1TV maintains its ranking in the top 3 Moroccan media with the highest audience on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube, thus demonstrating the interest of Moroccan users in the consumption of content focused on “news”, and not just content focused on entertainment. This trend places MEDI1TV as a leading media player in the processing of information in Morocco and attests to the confidence placed by the Moroccan public in MEDI1TV to decipher the news.

The year 2020 marked by the Covid-19 pandemic also contributed to this increased interest of citizens for the consumption of news in video format. MEDI1TV’s digital growth has revealed its role as a credible media of choice in the face of the proliferation of fake news and confirmed the confidence of Moroccan Internet users in Medi1TV during this global health crisis.

2021: digital transformation and launch of Medi1News, a new digital media

In 2021, as part of the digital transformation initiated in 2020 with the eReporTV and Medi1 Podcast platforms, the launch of a new digital news media Medi1News will provide a rich news experience with innovative formats while stimulating more and more new products according to the digital consumption trends of users observed around the world.


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