If only you had invested $ 100 in bitcoin in 2010

Bitcoin (BTC) crossed the psychological bar of 45,000 dollars (24,323,949.55 CFA Franc) on February 10, 2021, to the chagrin of central banks and to the regret of those who, like most of us, do not invest in the future, in an emerging trend, rather waiting for the wave to be sufficiently mature. At this point, at the top of the ridge, the curve can no longer rise but falls, dragging down those who joined the dynamic at the last moment.

The new millionaires who emerge from the world of the internet following the dazzling gain of 100% made by the queen of cryptocurrencies in the space of two months, had the flair to bet on this virtual currency when it was prone to mockery and sufficient analysis from those who push small carriers to invest in balance sheets and financial results. However, balance sheets have the unfortunate disadvantage of telling the past of listed companies rather than the future and the promise of cash flow.

In short, in 2010, if you had, against the advice of your account manager and orthodox financial analysts (the fundamentalists), invested $ 100 in bitcoin (BTC), you would have had a comfortable mattress of 10 million dollars today. dollars, immune to inflation but not volatility. Obviously, the question that we would ask the holder of this windfall is basic: will he wait by believing in digital gold on the strength of the forecasts of a bitcoin at 60 or 100 dollars or, conversely, adopt the reptilian reflex of homo sapiens sapiens, which is to cash in its gains?

Concentrating today $ 836.8 billion, Bitcoin continues to attract everyone but still, and more and more, institutions, large banks, funds like BlackRock, the world’s number one management company. assets, and techs like Paypal, Tesla and Visa. How far will the madness end? To date, $ 1,400 billion has been invested around the world in crypto-assets as platforms for the sale of crypto derivatives will soon be launched. In this gold rush, Africa, unfazed, clinging to old moons, has yet to take a stand. Between the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) which throws anathemas and the Central Bank of Kenya which pushes hallelujahs, it is difficult to know which way to turn.


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