Bitcoin (BTC) smashes the $ 42,000 mark without convincing Christine Lagarde

Bitcoin (BTC) continues its momentum, quoting at $ 42,848, or 23.5 million CFA Francs or 383,018 dirhams while the boss of the European Central Bank (ECB), Christine Lagarde, persists and signs: “ ”It is not a currency. Cryptoassets are not money. It is a highly speculative asset “, slice the guardian of the temple of monetarist orthodoxy, guest Sunday on BFMTV and BFM Business.

Over the last 24 hours, the queen of cryprocurrencies has improved by 12.21%, driven by institutions and investors like Elon Musk, who bet $ 1.5 billion of his cash in January, a record for a company . Bitcoin’s market capitalization now stands at $ 88 billion, double the number of Ethereum (ETH), the second most traded cryptocurrency, up 7.65% to $ 1,697. Overall, crypto has a market capitalization of $ 1,327 billion, or 176 times the volume of the stock compartment of the WAEMU Regional Stock Exchange (BRVM).

For Christine Lagarde, it’s the unpredictable aspect of Bitcoin that is the problem. “What is just needed is that consumers are never robbed and be fully informed of the nature of the risk they are taking. If they buy bitcoin, it is a speculative asset ”insists the one who campaigns for the passage of crypto under central bank supervision.


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