USA: Shutdown finally avoided

A few days before his departure from the White House and the inauguration of Joe Biden, Donald Trump continues his war of attrition. Its threat of “shutdown” which hung over Washington in recent days has finally been lifted. After much negotiation, the outgoing president signed in extremis on the evening of Sunday, the famous economic stimulus plan of 900 billion dollars voted by the congress and thus preserving the allocations to 14 million Americans to thatching.

Donald Trump took the risk of causing a shutdown of public services in the US administration as was the case in 2018, blocking the government’s budget to push through his own demands. In particular, a “commitment” obtained, according to him, from elected Republican officials to submit to Congress the increase in the allowance for Americans in precarious situations from 600 to 2,000 dollars.

More importantly, Donald has haggled his current political struggle linked to his defeat in the presidential election by obtaining, according to his claims, the imminent opening of an investigation into possible frauds which have surrounded the election of Joe Biden. Even though his own camp has not confirmed his agreements, the president signed the stimulus package that brings the country out of uncertainty.


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