In 2020, the insolent rise of cryptocurrencies

The fear of a disappointing tomorrow has not disturbed cryptocurrencies too much. Thus, bitcoin, ethereum and XRP combined to reach a market cap of $ 511.5 billion, up 235% year-on-year.

Covid-19 has failed to curb investor appetite for blockchain currencies. According to, these three currencies show triple-digit growth on March 15, 2020, when their capitalization fell to $ 108.1 billion. At the end of the second quarter, queen cryptocurrencies saw their capitalization grow 30% to $ 201.5 billion, then to $ 284.7 billion in September. Over the past three months, the increase was 80%, bringing the valuation to 521.5 billion dollars.

Bitcoin has grown 224% since the start of the year. After falling back to $ 88.96 billion in March, the most famous cryptocurrency rebounded to $ 168 billion in June. In the second half of the year, that figure exploded 150% to $ 419 billion. Even more spectacularly, Ethereum saw its market capitalization jump 387% in 2020, from $ 14.2 billion in January to $ 68.8 billion this week. For its part, XRP gained 152%, from $ 9.4 billion in December 2019 to $ 237.7 billion this week.


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