DRC: USD 7.5 million expected from Treasury bill auction

In DR Congo, 15 billion FC (7.5 million USD) are expected Tuesday, December 15, 2020, from the auction of three-month treasury bills. For this month of December 2020, the payment will be made Thursday, December 17, 2020, announces a press release from the Ministry of Finance.

On the domestic financial market, the Congolese government plans to raise 60 billion FC (30 million USD). The Treasury Bonds launched on December 1 and 8 have already brought in 27.5 billion FC out of the 30 billion FC targeted.

The government, following the weakness of public revenue mobilization, launched, in October 2019, Treasury Bonds to diversify its sources of funding to meet its still high public spending. A Treasury Bill is a debt security issued by the government and repayable at maturity.

In the DRC, it is the government that issues these debt securities through the public treasury. When an economic operator or an individual buys a Treasury Bond, he lends money to the State and becomes, in a way, its creditor. Guaranteed 100% by the issuing government, the Treasury Bond is one of the safest investments in the money market.


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