Senegal: towards a second wave of coronavirus

While the coronavirus pandemic is almost coming to an end with an average of 10 cases per day lately, Senegal risks experiencing a second wave, joining the concerns of the President of the Republic.

According to official statistics, the curve of the coronavirus epidemic has resumed a meteoric rise since December. Over the period from December 2 to 7, the number of cases crossed the mark of 50 cases per day on average. A situation that has not left the health and public authorities indifferent, fearing a second wave. A second wave that risks once again imposing new restrictive measures.

« Decisions that will be unbearable for the Senegalese economy, » Senegalese President Macky Sall warned at the end of the day, urging citizens to strictly observe barrier measures to curb the spread of the virus. At the same time, the Senegalese authorities have taken the decision to toughen up the tone (strengthening of surveillance of wearing masks, sanctions, etc.) to encourage the population to respect the barrier measures.

Experts believe that the whole world, including Europe, Asia and Africa, is not immune to a second, third and even a fourth wave. They recommend the populations not to relax while respecting the barrier measures. In an interview published Monday, December 7, Professor Didier Raoult suggested that the virus is far from being eradicated on the planet.

Speaking on « the vaccine race », the doctor doubts the effectiveness of RNA vaccines against the coronavirus. « We are navigating something a little unknown, » said Didier Raoult, adding that « the program that I have read so far struck me as science fiction. So far, what I’ve seen is mostly advertising. I haven’t seen any scientific papers. I’m waiting to see some real data.  »

As a reminder, Senegal occupied first place in Africa and second in the world in terms of management of the coronavirus pandemic, according to the ranking made by the American newspaper, USA Today. The country of Téranga, totaled as of Monday, December 7, 16,553 cases of coronavirus, including 15,804 cured and 340 deaths.


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