Black Friday in Africa: between indignation and e-shopping

Between indignation over the alleged slavery origin of the expression “Black Friday” and a frank desire to profit, like any economic agent, from good deals, the heart of the African middle classes waltzes. But from Dakar to Nairobi, to access the offers of the big virtual clearance sale of the year, which takes place each year, on the last Friday of November (except in France where the event was declared this year on December 4 due to Covid-19), you must have a compatible internet bank card (billed up to 60,000 CFA francs per year at some banks) or a Paypal account (the latter American service considers sub-Saharan Africa a gray area , with restricted access). In short, the African populations, when they are not constrained by their exchange rate policies which, in the name of the defense of national currencies and foreign currency reserves, ration spending on the Internet, are forced to perform acrobatics to easily surf the Internet. canvas.

In the meantime, Black Friday renamed Blue Friday to spare the susceptibilities of each other, under the advice of communication professionals, promises. Overconsumption will be on the agenda, but also the marketing positioning of brands, which will not miss the opportunity to promote their values, highlight their CSR policies. Case of the Rapha brand (specialist in outfits for cyclists) which says no to Black Friday and encourages its entire community to ride rather than to make the sales and to mobilize with it 20,000 £ (nearly 135,000 €), i.e. the equivalent of 1000 bicycles to the NGO World Bicycle Relief.

Behind the hubbub of the marketing industry, there is David’s fight against Goliath, between large retailers, Amazon in the lead, but also Cdiscount in France, Jumia in Africa, and small e-merchants who will not have a lot of leeway to apply discounts of up to 88% for baiting the barge. Small merchants will have to take their troubles patiently since Black Friday lasts almost a week, including Cyber ​​Monday (November 30) and, in France, the famous December 4, Covid Black Friday.

Born in the United States to qualify the promotions offered to American consumers the day after Thanksgiving, Black Friday is nicknamed “Black Friday” by Jumia on the shores of the Ebrié lagoon. So get your cards.


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