Senegal: FCFA 3.740 billion in debts to be disbursed by the State on November 25, 2020

The State of Senegal will proceed on November 25, 2020 to the payment of half-yearly interest and to the partial repayment of the capital of its bond called State of Senegal 6.30% 2015-2025 for an amount of 3.740 billion FCFA (5.610 million euros ).

The Senegalese government authorities had successfully launched, between October 30 and November 20, 2015, a bond loan by public offering on the financial market of the West African Monetary Union (UMOA) for an amount of 50 billion euros. FCFA. This operation required the issuance of 5 million bonds at a unit price of 10,000 FCFA.

The objective sought through this collected amount was to finance, in part, the State budget deficit for 2015 estimated at CFAF 396.2 billion.

The issuer had undertaken to pay investors an annual interest rate of 6.30% payable semi-annually over a period of 10 years with one year deferral and covering the period 2015-2025.

As for the repayment of capital, it was also scheduled semi-annually, after a deferred year, at the rate of one eighteenth (1/18) of said capital.

The Senegalese government has so far respected all its commitments, the payment of its debt being regularly ensured by the Central Depository Bank of Settlement (DC / BR) via the Management and Intermediation Company (SGI) and the banks holding the accounts approved by the UEMOA Regional Council for Public Savings and Financial Markets (CREPMF).


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