HPS International Consulting obtains authorization to launch an economic and financial news channel in Cameroon

Called “HPS Tv”, the New Cameroonian Channel, a subsidiary of HPS International Consulting S.A, is the very first economic and financial information television channel in CEMAC.

On October 20, 2020, the firm HPS International Consulting S.A Cameroon obtained the green light from the Ministry of Communication for the launch in Cameroon of its television channel “HPS Tv”.

The channel is intended to be an economic and financial information media whose editorial line is communication on the economic performance and growth potential of financial institutions, SMEs and public and private organizations. Designed as a space for reflection, analysis and expertise, it gives a voice to entrepreneurs, investors, CEOs, Boards of Directors, assets and all those who reflect on the creation of value, the questions economic and development issues in Africa.

The publisher of “HPS Tv”, the firm HPS International Consulting S.A, wants to depoliticize the media environment in Africa by instilling financial education in entrepreneurs and shifting the habits of the youth to those in the economy. An innovation which thus brings new colors to the African media landscape accustomed to political debates.

Prosper Honore Sugewe ​​financial lobbyist and CEO of HPS International Consulting SA unveiled, during a web conference, the details of this new project: “Financial information and communication on the economic performance and growth potential of institutions must meet the strictest professional and ethical criteria. So who else could echo it if not an economic consultancy and financial lobbying firm? “.

“The idea is to give voice and visibility to entrepreneurs, investors, CEOs and PCAs of companies that don’t get the media coverage they deserve. Many entrepreneurs and investors need media support for their development. The same remains true for public bodies and institutions that create value ”

“Our TV studios have already been fitted out and the teams we have started recruiting will allow us to offer programs produced in Cameroon,” said Prosper Honore Sugewe.

With an investment cost of nearly $ 200,000, the channel will officially land on January 1, 2020, first on the web and cable, before appearing on February 1 in the Canal + and Star Times offers.

Prosper Honore Sugewe ​​indicates that he has initiated steps in the USA with the “Federal Communication Commission”, the American authority in charge of audiovisual operating licenses for the production and broadcasting in English of “HPS Tv” programs by the end 2021 from a studio on Wall Street in New York City where HPS International Consulting already has representation.

Founded in London, HPS International Consulting is at the heart of capital lobbying in Africa and in the main international financial centers. Through recurring events, strategic economic advice, economic analysis, the firm demonstrates its expertise and experience in international economic advice and financial lobbying for large multinationals and African governments. Among other things, the firm owns the first CEMAC financial rating agency “Ewatch Africa Investment Analytica S.A”.


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