DRC: auction of Treasury bonds of $ 12.5 million

The three-month Treasury Bills auction which will take place on Tuesday, November 3, 2020, will cost 25 billion FC (12.5 million USD), a statement from the Ministry of Finance announced on Monday, November 2.

“Subscribers have until Tuesday before 11:00 am to submit their offers through the dedicated electronic platform,” he explains.
Following the weak mobilization of public revenue, the Congolese government launched, in October 2019, Treasury Bonds to diversify its sources of financing to meet its still high public spending. A Treasury Bond, which is issued through the Treasury channel, is a debt security repayable at maturity.
When an economic operator or an individual buys a Treasury Bond, he lends money to the State and becomes, in a way, its creditor. Guaranteed 100% by the government that issues it, the Treasury Bond is one of the safest investments in the money market.


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