Mauritania: Open pit gold?

Hearing the Minister of Petroleum, Energy and Mines Abdessalam Ould Mohamed Saleh speak on the matter, one might be tempted to believe that gold is within reach in Mauritania.

In a speech held at the end of the days of reflection on artisanal and semi-industrial mines, Ould Mohamed Saleh suggested that the quantity of gold sold over the last eight (8) months by the gold miners who work in the localities of Chami and Gleib Ndour located in northern Mauritania… is around five (5) tonnes.

The minister says this amount of gold represents a third of the output of an industrial gold company like Tasiast Mauritania, a subsidiary of Canadian giant Kinross. However, he refrained from dwelling on the turnover achieved by the artisanal miners.

There are no precise figures yet, but efforts are being made to find precise information on production and turnover, Abdessalam Ould Mohamed Saleh was content to say.

The Mauritania gold rush began in 2016 when interesting catches were announced in Chami. It is the source of the ruin of numbers of prospectors who have spent their savings to acquire metal detectors, establish individual gold prospecting licenses and cover shipping costs believing that gold was really within reach. hand. But despite this, the gold rush is far from over among many Mauritanians.


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