After Lisbon and Luanda, Isabel dos Santos in the crosshairs of Dutch justice

After Lisbon and Luanda, Isabel dos Santos in the crosshairs of Dutch justice
The richest woman on the African continent has not put an end to the legal setbacks since the democratic withdrawal of her father José Édouardo Do Santos from power. Isabel Dos Santos is again suspected on the Amsterdam side of suspicious financial transactions.
According to our sources, the Chamber of Companies of the Amsterdam Court of Appeal decided, Thursday, September 17, to freeze the assets of a company established in Holland and controlled by her husband and business partner, Sindika Dokolo. .
The couple-run company Exem Energy BV had been used to acquire shares in the capital of the Portuguese hydrocarbon group Galp through financial arrangements that did not meet the rules of the art.
In view of the heavy suspicions that weigh on the conditions of the aforementioned transactions in the context of the acquisition of equity interests, investigations have been opened in Angola where Isabel Dos Santos has not visited for almost three years, consequently opposing an end to not accepting all the steps to cooperate with the justice of his country as suggested by the all-powerful prosecutor of Luanda, despite the seizure of his property and assets in Angola and Portugal.
The billionaire and her husband are therefore in the sights of the Dutch judicial authorities who have opened a criminal investigation for alleged embezzlement of public funds.
The Dutch justice is interested in the filiations of affair which go back to 2006, the year in which Sonangol, the Angolan oil giant had become one of the partners of the couple in a company, Esperaza Holding BV, created in Amsterdam a year more early to take a stake in Portuguese oil giant Galp.
In December of the same year, Sonangol had sold a surprisingly 40% stake in Esperaza to Exem for an amount set at 75 million euros, of which 11 were payable at signature. The remainder being converted into a loan financed by the Angolan public company. Moreover, in this juicy case, investigators discover that Sindika Dokolo and Exem hold equity shares in Esperaza and Galp estimated at 465 million euros.
For its part, the oil giant Sonangol says it still has not received the money Exem owes it and denounces a grabbing of dividends generated by the stake in Galp.
The couple who have always denounced harassment tinged with a campaign of undermining strongly implemented by the regime in power in Luanda, have not yet reacted to this new court case.
However, in the entourage of the billionaire, we reserve the right to spare no effort to respond to all the attacks targeting Isabel Dos Santos that Luanda would like to silence because it would represent a serious alternative capable of dealing a political blow. to the Luanda regime.
The Angolan businesswoman, former boss of the all-powerful Angolan oil company Sonagol, is suspected by the courts of her country of having embezzled, with her husband Sindika Dokolo, public funds through financial arrangements. Grievances swept aside by the couple who claim to be the victim of a vast plot cleverly orchestrated by the new English authorities.


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