Benin : REMA stands with doctors against COVID-19

On the continent, startups are streightening their services to defeat COVID 19. Among them, REMA intends to facilitate the work of doctors and health authorities in Africa.

Launched in 2017, REMA is a mobile application for remote medical collaboration and continuous medical éducation dedicated to doctors practicing in Africa. Its main mission is to connect doctors in Africa through its mobile platform to exchange and collaborate in real time on patients cases in order to make appropriate medical decisions. All data is confidential, secure and strictly professional. « REMA provides physicians a permanent decision support based on collective intelligence. Our strength is the network. REMA set up a community of 6,000 doctors based in West Africa, » explains founder Dr. Sedric Degbo, a Beninese doctor.

Doctors are the center of the system

Sedric Degbo and his teams have managed to build a growing medical community on the mobile application. Also, the startup offers a medical communication tool for companies, organizations and health institutions. They can target and reach doctors in Africa by a few clicks. Due to the evolution of the Covid-19: REMA has made a free access at its institutionnels medical communication system for the benefit of health ministries, especially those of West African states. Our objective is to facilitate coordination, information and training of health professionals in real time with digital technology: « all our teams are mobilized and committed to the governments and health institutions of Africa ». The objective for this Beninese company is to lend a helping hand to the public authorities of West African states and limit the damages that this pandemic could cause on a health and socio-economic front.

COVID 19 : prioritize the prevention

According to Sedric Degbo, Africa drawn conclusions from its terrible experiences with the various health crises suffered by the continent. « Thanks to new technologies, medical practices have evolved on the continent. The future of digital medicine is very promising », he tells. An analysis that could be shared by the WHO because of the challenge facing Africa. According to the UN organization, Africa has 2.7 doctors per 10,000 inhabitants. Our continent is regarded as a medical desert. Thus, technology is becoming a solution for the lack of doctors to provide cares and diagnosis


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