Angola: Isabel Dos Santos Presidential Candidate Of 2022

Despite his struggles with the Angolan justice system, accusing him of embezzlement of public funds, Isabel Dos Santos, daughter of ex-president Jose Eduardo Dos Santos, plans to run in the presidential elections of 2022.

Speaking on Wednesday (January 16th) in an interview broadcast on Portuguese public radio and television (RTP), the billionaire denounced a relentlessness against the Dos Santos family.

The future candidate accuses the current regime of carrying out a veritable « witch hunt » and of attempting to erase the legacy of her father.

The heir to Dos Santos also said that the government is trying to distract the people by covering up its failures. « We cannot selectively use corruption or the supposed fight against corruption to neutralize who we believe to be future political candidates, » she said.

The court temporarily frozen the bank accounts and shares of the daughter and son-in-law of former president José Eduardo dos Santos on December 31.

Justice accuses the former CEO of the public oil company Sonango as well as her husband, Sindika Dokolo, of having embezzled more than $ 1 billion from Sonangol. But also from the Angolan diamond merchant Sodiam to companies where they hold stakes.

The woman considered to be the richest in Africa has denied her accusations and indexes the new president for wanting to destroy her family. According to her, the Dos Santos family has left an undeniable legacy in the country.

It should also be noted that Dos Santos-sons, José Filomeno, is in the hands of the justice system, also accusing him of « embezzlement and money laundering ».

While awaiting the fate of the “Dos Santos”, speculation is rife. While some speak of political settling of accounts, others support the clarification thesis on certain nebulous issues during the Dos Santos reign.

President Dos santos ruled the former Portuguese colony for 38 years (1980/2018). His detractors accuse him of having plundered resources, notably oil, which represents more than 50% of the country’s revenues, by involving his children who are at the heart of decisions and affairs.


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