Baloon Santé: Senegal in pole position

The insurance sector is changing rapidly on the African continent. Solutions abound to make insurance underwriting accessible to disadvantaged social classes. After the automobile, Baloon continues its march forward on the continent. Ousmane Gueye- WIP-New Africa.

Persuaded that the use of digital technology can make the lives of millions of Africans safer by offering them the opportunity to simply make sure, Baloon slowly digs its furrow in Africa. After the successful launch of its automotive branch, the digital insurance broker for all is on the hour of health. Convinced that it remains a major issue in
country of the continent, the broker believes that it must even act very quickly especially since the medical care does not unfortunately affect the large number. “It is addressed only to a small minority because insurance is extremely expensive,” laments the founding president, Bertrand Vialle, passed by the group Gras Savoye where he held various positions of general management in France and in Cameroon. While executives
African countries can cover themselves with all risks, this is much less the case for low wages.

A very attractive price

And it is with this last segment of population that Baloon intervenes. It must be said that his offer seduced: less than 200,000 CFA annual to ensure a couple and two children. This collective option dedicated to those who can not spend millions for their health, is in line with this goal of financial inclusion. For Bertrand Vialle and his associates, this is an extremely affordable price, unlike the individual offer which can reach 2 million CFA francs. Launched in Senegal last month, Baloon Santé covers all hospital expenses, ranging from hospitalization fees to analyzes and prescriptions. The choice of Dakar for the inauguration of the health branch of Baloon is far from fortuitous. This “first for Senegal is justified by the strengths found among populations sensitized to the need for medical care and the existence of a middle class quick to ensure” explains the founding president of Baloon , very proud to have started health insurance in Senegal.

Insurance: an unlimited market?

The on-site market is unquantifiable and the digital insurance broker is aware of this. The National Agency for Statistics and Demography estimates the population at over 15 million. The market is about 10 million people and the company targets the whole territory. No “geographical constraint”, says Baloon, who wants to reach “a third of the population without difficulty in rather urban areas”. The strategy, “is to capitalize on all the potential that has been achieved on auto insurance. 50 to 70 thousand people have shown interest in Baloon automobile. And among these, 70% are interested in our health sector, “says the founder eager to encourage more people to subscribe to ensure better access to health.

After the automobile, place to health

Bertrand Vialle relies on the success of its automobile component to launch its new service. An option that seems to be relevant, judging by the very positive feedback from the small world of insurance. Initially, there was only one insurer, but on arrival, there are four to trust Baloon. This lies in the fact that each customer pays without
hesitate his premium. In return, the payment of compensation in the event of a claim is quickly settled by insurers. As a result, the company’s Facebook page explodes with 70,000 subscribers. And the good news is that once customers have subscribed, they are satisfied and stay. “30 to 40% of our clients are people who were not insured before. they have
the stake and renew their contracts and that, it is unique compared to the insurers “reports the boss of Baloon which adds as soon as these same customers are ready to follow him on the branch health.

Baloon: Cape Benin

Operational in four countries, Ivory Coast, Niger, Cameroon and Senegal, Baloon also contributes to reducing unemployment in its areas of presence. This is the case in Dakar where the digital insurance broker was able to recruit twenty people, for its automotive component that works very well. Turning to the turnover, however, the President considers that it is difficult to evaluate it now as the year is not yet over. “We are really in our plan and today, we are perfectly in line with our objective,” he says, adding that he already has the approval in Benin and Gabon to expand his activities in the sector. of the automobile. Surely, health will also follow in these countries. More than ever, Baloon Santé wants to conquer new territories after Senegal.


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