Doing Business 2020: Togo, best African performer, wins 40 places

The 17th edition of the World Bank Group report on the business climate in the world, Doing Business 2020 has arrived! Mauritius and Togo, among the African satisfactions.

The years go by and things remain largely the same for African economies. The best ranked African is still Mauritius which sits in 13th place this year against the 20th previously. The continent has still not managed to place more than two of its countries in the top 50, as last year, Mauritius and Rwanda are the two main torch gateways.

All is not yet gray! The vintage 2020 has in relation to the continent some reasons for satisfaction! Especially with regard particularly to the amplitude of the progressions of certain countries.

In this respect, the prize goes to Togo. He made a great leap ahead of 40 places from 137th rank / 190 countries previously to a 97th place that propels him into the circle of the five countries that have brought the most improvement to their business environment during this year finishing. The country of President Faure Gnassingbe is followed in this register by the Senegal of President Macky Sall who by ranking 123rd gained 18 places. Not less noticeable is Côte d’Ivoire’s 12-step stride since its 122nd place in the 2019 Doing Business to climb to 110th position this year.

In any case, the 2020 ranking, as in previous years, speaks volumes about the important efforts that need to be made continent-wide to create a business environment conducive to the development of a vibrant and highly dynamic private sector. performance.

Meanwhile, the top 10 African countries where it is easy to undertake is as follows:

1- Mauritius (13th)
2- Rwanda (38th)
3- Morocco (53rd)
4- Kenya (56th)
5- Tunisia (78th)
6- South Africa (84th)
7- Zambia (85th)
8- Botswana (87th)
9- Togo (97th)
10- Seychelles (100th)


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