Morocco: The judicial file that awaits the new CEO of Fenie Brossette

On August 27, 2019, the Board of Directors of Fenie Brossette took the head of this company specializing in various services including construction, industry and automotive, Abdelmounaim Faouzi, 50, entrepreneur capped 25 years experience.

The new President and CEO will have the main task, recalls, « to accelerate the implementation of the development plan initiated in February 2019, to open the company to new business sectors and consolidate the business lines. historic « .

The senior executive will certainly have among its priorities that of putting an end to the legal marathon between this subsidiary of the companies Asma Invest (Saudi Fund) and Zellidja (Moroccan-Emirati Fund) Cotradis, a West African company operating in the sectors of Transport and the distribution.

It must be said, recalls our colleague Wakat Sera who follows the case, that the predecessor of the new CEO, in this case Abdelmadjid Tazlaoui, left the company after only 6 months, leaving a taste of unfinished business. « Would he himself be a victim of the ongoing judicial soap opera with the company Cotradis where Fenie Brossette was sentenced on appeal for the payment of damages in damages of 1,725,000,000 CFA francs (2,600,000 Euros), » wonders the confrere?

Abdelmadjid Tazlaoui would not it be a collateral victim of this case born under the mandate of his predecessor, Marouane Tarafa, CEO of Fenie Brossette and General Administrator of the Ivorian subsidiary at the time of the facts?

Recall of facts

Young company contributing its stone to the construction of the economy of Burkina Faso and the sub-region, Cotradis (Continental of transport and distribution) reached more than 13 million euros of turnover in 2018. Strong of its The goal of becoming the No. 1 in mining and industrial transport in West Africa, Cotradis will unfortunately stopped in its tracks by an unexpected incident.

While she had confidently and perfectly legal acquired trucks from Fenie Brossette, 49 million euros in turnover, for its activities, Cotradis will be forced to immobilize the 20 vehicles since January 16, 2016 .

These heavy machines were, according to officials of Cotradis and the findings of the expert committed to the task, causing several accidents in 2016 and have killed a person made several wounded including two amputees.

. From the first hearing of the lawsuit she filed against Fenie Brossette and her Ivorian subsidiary which she accuses of having sold to her those IVECO brand trucks whose frames have been made up to the one on appeal, Cotradis has always gained cause in justice. « In reality, the vehicles that were delivered to him were not originally tractor trucks, as agreed in his order, but rather tractor trucks modified in tractor trucks without the manufacturer’s certification and without respect for the « Guidelines for the transformation and camber of vehicles » prescribed by the manufacturer IVECO, had already noted the expert report in the case. This expertise, which had revealed almost perfect mounting, showed a loss of about 8 billion CFA francs (12.2 million euros in losses suffered by Cotradis due to the immobilisation of the trucks for almost four years.

Judicial decisions not executed

The presidential chamber of the Court of Appeal, which in its decision approved the mechanical and financial expert reports commissioned by Cotradis, sentenced Fenie Brossette and her Ivorian subsidiary to pay 1. 725 billion CFA francs. It should be recalled that Fenie Brossette had already been the subject of a first conviction to the payment of 1.5 billion CFA francs, by the Commercial Court of Abidjan. A judicial verdict, one of the consequences for Fenie Brossette was to immediately pay about 800 million CFA francs in provisional execution. But Fenie Brossette did not run.

Wakat Séraa contacted the legal and administrative director of the United Arab Emirates Development Corporation, Saad Chouffani, to have the position of Fenie Brossette, following the provisional non-execution and the continuation of the case. Contact remained unanswered.

What could justify Fenie Brossette’s silence? What image distils Fenie Brossette by not respecting the decisions of justice, questions in the African business circles?

Strongly that the case Fenie Brossette who after the final verdict of the justice is waiting for the execution of the sentences can know its epilogue, especially that the victims of accidents and their families are busy at the criminal level, where Fenie Brossette and its CEO at the time, Marouane Tarafa, are being prosecuted for the consequences of accidents resulting in death and serious injuries.

Source: Wakat Sera


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